1. "Climber"                                    
AMRAP 10min                                          
2 Ground to Overhead 45/25                                  
2reps of 10m Shuttle Run                          
4 Ground to Overhead                      
4reps of 10m Shuttle Run                                        
6 Ground To Overhead                        
6reps of 10m Shuttle Run...so on and so forth, continue as long as possible for 10min by adding 2 reps each couplet movements.                                              

2. Skill Work                                      
"Death by Doubles/Singles"                          
Min 1- 5 Unbroken Doubles / 10 Unbroken Singles                                    
Min 2 - 10 Unbroken Doubles / 20 Unbroken Singles                                  
Min 3 - 15 Unbroken Doubles / 30 Unbroken Singles                                    
*if the athlete breaks down the reps, restart to 5. Continue as possible for 8min just add 5reps for DUs and 10reps for SUs every minute.