1.  Snatch Complex
5 sets of: 4-Position Snatch
Position 1:  High Hang (pockets) – should mimic the bottom of the dip on a push press.  Vertical torso, bar at hips, weight in mid-foot.
Position 2:  Mid Thigh – chest over the bar, bar close to thighs, weight in mid-foot.
Position 3:  Low Hang (below knees) – looking for vertical shins and chest as high as possible.
Position 4:  Full Snatch (from the floor) – looking to hit all the position throughout the lift.  
This is not suppose to be a heavy set.  Go lighter and drill in the positions.
Every rep is done as a squat snatch.
The idea is to dial in the first position.
Then dial in the second position and pass through position 1.
Then dial in position position 3 and pass through 2 and 1.
Then do a full snatch passing through every position.                                                                                                                          

2. For time:
1K Row
30 Deads, 155/105
20 Front Squats, 155/105
30 Deads, 155/105
1K Row