1. EMOM 5min: 30sec Weighted Isometric Wall Sit (15/10)
*the athlete is on a sitting position planting their back against the wall while holding a plate. 15lbs for the guys and 10lbs for the ladies.                                                            

2. Deficit Weighted Tempo Ring Rows 3sets x 3reps (25/15)
*the athlete will start from a dead hang position then count 3sec on the drive and 3sec down. Since this is a deficit the athlete will use a 18/12 box planting the tip of thier heels on the box. 8min time cap                                        

3. For Time: 8min Time cap                                                            
10reps x 15m Farmers Carry 25/15                                  
15 Ground to Overhead (25/15)                                                                
15 MB Alternate Lunges (20/14) *L and R=1rep                            
100m Sprint