1. EMOM5: Hanging L-Sit (20sec Hold, let the athlete hang in the bar and perform an L-sit. If the athlete is having a hard time doing the movement scale it down to Hanging Tuck hold- keeping the athletes midline stable. The athlete will flex both knees forming a sitting position from the hang)                                                                

2. AMRAP 5min: Chin Ups (focus on the quality of the movement)                                                  

3. 3RFT: 15min time cap                                  
12 Strict Pull-Ups / 12 Ring Rows                        
12 Burpees                                                      
25 Unbroken MB Squats 20/14                                                      
*the catch here is that the athlete must not drop the med ball to the ground while doing squats, once the med ball drops a penalty of 200m run