1. AMRAP 5min:
Double/Single Unders (best time to practice and be efficient on this skill)          

2. Partner EMOM 6:
P1- 30sec Hollow Hold,  P2 - 30 sec Weighted Elbow Planks 45/25 (let them use mats and every minute they're going to switch)                          

3. "Endurance Ladder"                              
800m run (6min time cap)                    
600m run (4min time cap)                  
400m run (2min time cap)                  
200m run (90sec time cap)                                

*after each round recover for 10sec. then do 10 Jump Squats. Focus on the quality of reps and don't rush it. This is not for time this is a paced interval workout. Rest 2min each set. Record time every set.