1. a. 5sets x 10 reps Tempo Glute Drives (explode as you drive up) b. 5sets x 30sec Weighted Elbow Planks 25#                          

2. Intermediate Recovery Run Intervals                
A. 5sets x 100m w/ 30sec time cap each set/ 10sec rest per set
B. 4sets x 200m w/ 45sec time cap/ 20sec rest per set
C. 3sets x 300m w/ 1min time cap/ 30sec rest per set
D. 2sets x 400m w/ 90sec time cap / 40sec rest
E. 1set x 500m w/ 2min time cap          

*the transition between rounds A,B,C,D and E is 10sec, record time on each set of intervals