1. Core Work                              
Isometric Tabata                                
MB Hollow Hold 10/6                          
MB Superman Hold 10/6                                                  

2. "End It With A Bang"                        
6 Sets of Tabata                                  
1- AMRAP Box Jump Overs 24/20                                            
2 - 100m Run                                                        
3 - AMRAP KB Swings 24/16                    
4 - AMRAP Wall Balls 20/14                              
* Set up 4 stations starting with Box Jump overs all the way down to Wall ball shots. 1set of Tabata = 4min of 20sec of work and 10sec of rest therefore a total of 24min. Another option is you can play 6 tracks of tabata songs. Score is total reps of Box Jump Overs, KB Swing and Wall Ball shots