1. Strength                                              
 A. 2sets of Max Effort 25m Sled Sprint Push to Pull 45/25                                      
*the athlete will perform a sprint push all the way to the end then jog going back and pull the sled through a max effort. Recover for about 2-3min each set.                          
B. 3 Rounds of steady pace w/ 1min rest each round                                            
30m MB Walking Lunges 30/20                                            
20 Leg Raises                                                

2. Speed Endurance                                
A. 3sets of (5sec, 7sec, 10sec) max effort sprint. *1min rest between intervals and 2min rest each set. Record total distance each interval.                                                            
B. 400m recovery jog then rest 1min                          
C. 1x300m Max Effort Sprint.