1. Lactate Threshold                                  
1 x 1000m @80%max                                
---90sec rest---
2 x 500 @80%max                                      
---90sec rest per set---
3 x 200m Sprint 100%max                            
---60sec rest per set---
2 x 400m 75%max                                    
---90sec rest per set---
1 x 800m 75%max                            
*the idea is to maintain an 80%max pace for the first three sets and 75% on the last few sets of runs then an all out effort on the sprints. It will be hard because the rest time is not enough for the 200s but try to maintain time interval from your first set up to the last set of sprints. Your 200s should not go more than 3sec from your previous time. For the 75-80%max effort, your time per 100m should not go more than 50sec.