CrossFit During Pregnancy

Women today are more empowered than ever. You can see them working out and lifting weights side by side with other men. In the previous weeks, we saw preggy mommy Coach Rachelle Q. Love crushed the CrossFit Open. While some people worry about doing intense activities during pregnancy, it is actually safe and ok according to the experts.

“It is perfectly safe to continue your existing fitness program during your pregnancy as long as your doctor gives you the okay. In fact they recommend that all women who have no complications with their pregnancies get 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, adding that the exercise can be anything you enjoy that doesn't risk abdominal trauma” - American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Here are some benefits of working out during pregnancy:

1.       Lesser weight gain

2.       Triggers the flow of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (happy hormones)

3.       Makes labor easier

4.       Lessens back pain

5.       Easier sleeping pattern

CrossFit Open 2018 18.2 

CrossFit Open 2018 18.2 


“My husband/coach was watching the whole time checking for signs of any strain. I’m super happy with how good the workout felt. YES to breaking the mold and YES to women empowerment and YES to smart choices” says Coach Rachel.

"Doing CrossFit while pregnant is completely safe," says Katelyn Block, a certified CrossFit trainer in Rochester, NY, who works with women in all stages of life. “However, you should listen to your body, modify moves that make you uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses, and cut out exercises that your doc says you must not do, such as sit-ups” she added.

Jennifer Daif Parker, M.D., of Del Ray OBGYN associates agrees – “as long as, you were fit before you got pregnant. If you were doing it prior to getting pregnant it's great to continue, but I wouldn't recommend starting a new routine that intense if you never did it before during pregnancy”

Bottom line is staying active during pregnancy will give you benefits, but you have to stick with your usual workout routine. Trying new and more intense workout is not recommended. Also, no sits ups or any workout that may cause abdominal trauma.

Stay strong mommies!






Words by CJ Lampad


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