Safety is a top priority at Primal Ape Crossfit. In addition to providing challenging workouts and helping members reach their fitness goals, we endeavor to equip coaches, staffs, and members with useful skills in the event of an emergency medical situation.

ast Saturday, September 5, the Emergency Medical Services Department of Brgy San Antonio, headed by Councilor Melvin H. Villaruz, conducted a free Emergency Medical Response Seminar at Primal Ape Crossfit.

During this three hour seminar, coaches, staff and athletes learned about first aid, the basics of life saving, different types of injuries and appropriate first responder procedures.
“The goal of the first responder is not to take the place of the doctor” said Mr. Francisco Torilla, a Registered Nurse, Emergency Medtech and Basic Life Support First Aider reminded participants.  “The first aider’s role is to protect the patient while awaiting medical assistance.”

After the lecture, attendees practiced proper bandaging, immobilizing and transport of injured persons, as well as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a skill vital to saving lives. 

“Identify yourself, seek consent from patient, and call for back up”, Councilor Melvin Villaruz, Co-Chairman of BSA DRMMC and a TESDA EMS Trainer advised,  declaring these three golden rules before administering first aid.
With all the box jumps, pull ups and snatches in our WODs, CrossFit, just like any other sport is susceptible to the rare injury caused by accidents. Being properly trained to deal with such events makes for a safer environment for everyone.
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by Cj Lampad

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