The Many Names of Sugar


"There's no good sugar or fruit juice," Dr. Rober Lustig said.

And there's valid reason to listen to the Pediatrics professor at the University of California. His book Sugar has 56 Names: A Shopper's Guide revealed the ways how manufacturers disguised the sugar to hide the real amount of it to the product. Sure that reading a highlighted 'Low sugar' in the packaging is appealing to the eyes, but it is only a ploy to make it sound more organic and healthier. This is the reason why sugar is not always labelled as 'sugar' in the list of ingredients in various food products.

Contrary to what most people think, sugar, and not obesity, is what drives diseases like diabetes. Figures show that consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks contributes to approximately 180,000 people around the world each year. It  also contributes to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

To help you determine whether your favorite food product is silently causing harm to your health, here are other names used in lieu of 'sugar.' 


1. Agave nectar*

2. Barbados sugar*

3. Barley malt

4. Beet sugar*

5. Blackstrap molasses*

6. Brown rice syrup*

7. Brown sugar*

8. Buttered syrup*

9. Cane juice crystals*

10. Cane sugar*

11. Caramel*

12. Carob syrup*

13. Castor sugar*

14. Confectioner’s sugar*

15. Corn syrup

16. Corn syrup solids

17. Crystalline fructose*

18. Date sugar*

19. Demerara sugar*

20. Dextran

21. Dextrose

22. Diastatic malt

23. Diatase

24. Ethyl maltol

25. Evaporated cane juice*

26. Florida crystals*

27. Fructose*

28. Fruit juice*

29. Fruit juice concentrate*

30. Galactose

31. Glucose

32. Glucose solids

33. Golden sugar*

34. Golden syrup*

35. Grape sugar*

36. High-fructose corn syrup*

37. Honey*

38. Icing sugar*

39. Invert sugar*

40. Lactose

41. Malt syrup

42. Maltose

43. Maple syrup*

44. Molasses*

45. Muscovado sugar*

46. Organic raw sugar*

47. Panocha*

48. Raw sugar*

49. Refiner’s syrup*

50. Rice syrup

51. Sorghum syrup*

52. Sucrose*

53. Sugar*

54. Treacle*

55. Turbinado sugar*

56. Yellow sugar*

 *contains fructose, or what Lustig calls “alcohol without the buzz”.

Fructose, he says, causes seven times as much cell damage as does glucose, because it binds to cellular proteins seven times faster; and it releases 100 times the number of oxygen radicals, which kills everything in sight.

So the next time you are picking your grocery items, it really pays to check the label.