Rowing machines have come a long way from ancient Rome, back when they were used for military training. These days, rowing machines are a gym staple as they engage all muscle groupsa and offer a great cardiovascular workout. 

Primal Ape Crossfit uses Concept2 rowers, the official rowers for  British Indoor Rowing Championships, CRASH-B Sprints, and the annual CrossFit Games. The box also offers a weekly Indoor Rowing classes to prepare athletes for WODs. 

The Rowing Program is designed to be efficient in rowing, to build mental toughness and to increase work capacity both from metabolic standpoint and ability to handle volume without breaking them down. Rowing make one a fitter person” shares Coach Anton Sietereales, head coach of Primal Ape CF.

Rowing classes scheduled every Thursday evening and Friday morning are led by Coach Anton. It is open to all members, young and old, for beginners and elite athletes. 

What’s in line for Primal Ape Crossfit’s Concept 2 Rowers? Games and races are coming to the indoor rowing classes, all designed to make rowing classes interesting and interactive. 

Some of these games include:

Fish Game - The game will teach the athlete to modulate intensity. The object of this game is to rack up as many points as possible by eating the nutritious fish while avoiding the large, toothy beasts that will send your score plummeting to the ocean floor.

Darts Game – The game is about consistency in tempo and power output. The game will also teach you to keep a steady pace and stroke rate. Each game gives you 300 darts to "throw" at the target; the object is to earn as many points as possible. 

Target Training –  The object of the game is to hit as many bull’s-eyes as possible by maintaining a consistent pace and tempo. This is similar to Darts game except that you’ll set your own targets for pace and tempo.

Biathlon – Biathlon combines Nordic skiing and target shooting. You can play the Biathlon Game to row intervals alternating with target shooting or some other activity. 

Interactive Racing – This will allow the athletes to compete against their boxmates for a real-time racing. Concept2 rowers support wired machine to machine racing with a PC and USB cables.

Want to experience how exhilarating this kind of work out is? Row like a pro and sign up for a free trial here.

By Cj Lampad

Full class schedules and other information can be found here, and on our Primal Ape App, available for iPhone and Android smartphones.