Alex and Niko have been best of friends for more than two years, their difference notwithstanding. Alex is into sports, Niko’s into fashion. Niko loves to eat. Alex runs. Two very different people with pronounced preferences found a common ground in fitness when they joined Primal Ape CrossFit, early this year.

Alex Carillo describes herself as “very outgoing, enjoys talking and meeting new people”. She also loves running and playing soccer. She flies back and forth from California but decided to call Philippines home more than a year ago.

Niko Hernandez designs wedding gowns under his own label. He is a home-work-home kind of guy and dreams of the perfect weddings gowns for his clients. “Its a happy, love-filled kind of work” he said.
“Niko was the never the sporty guy but it was he who discovered Primal Ape. I was never a fan of CrossFit when I first heard of it, but on Niko’s insistence, we both signed up for trials”, Alex recalls.

The first week was horrible for Niko - sore all over because he was really out of shape. “One is humbled with CrossFit, even with the shortest workouts, you get whipped”. Alexon the other hand loved the challenge. “I enjoyed learning new movements. I couldn’t squat properly, but the coaches there really helped me get better at it”.

From then on, Alex and Niko became box regulars and training partners. Niko loves snatches while Alex can’t get enough of the power cleans and all cardio workouts. They attend 5 classes a week and would call each other every morning to check the WOD and discuss how to attack it (or sometimes, complain about it).

For Niko, every workout is a physical and mental challenge that’s why having your bestfriend to motivate and push you to finish is an extra source of power. “We always encourage each other to do better and keep each other going”, Alex added.

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by Cj Lampad

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