A surprising come-from-behind win became the highlight of Primal Ape's first intra box throwdown competition last Saturday, November 14. The throwdown was a great way to gather all active CrossFitters and put their skills to the test. More importantly, it was a great opportunity to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

Fourteen teams competed in 4 different WODs that tested their strength, endurance, speed, and determination. Each team was composed of 4 members with varying levels of fitness: the original gangster (a crossfit veteran), the young guns (an active crossfitter), the prodigy (a crossfit newbie), and the future (a bootcamper).

The day started as Coach Anton Sietereales led the athlete’s briefing and explained the rules of the game while the other coaches acted as judges and part of the Demo team who showed the participants the “Rep” and the “No Rep” execution of each WOD.

The first WOD was 3RFT of wallball shots, boxjumps, sumo deadlifts, push press, and calorie rows. It was followed by the WOD 2 called MRT, an AMRAP combinations of 100m run, elbow plank, air squats, G2O, butterfly sit ups, and synchronized burpees. Athletes gave their all as only the top 4 teams will compete in the final brodown based on the WOD results.

The third WOD was the most thrilling part of the day. With winning teams moving on to the next round and losing teams get eliminated, the athletes engaged in a game of dodgeball and tug of war. In this round, the teams had fun playing and cheering for one another. The Dodgeball Game was won by the Crazy Monkeys while Team Facial Hair claimed victory over the Tug of War.

After the three WODs, the final four teams were revealed: Team Facial Hair (Erwan, Celso, Mike, Jasper), Crazy Monkeys (Ralph, Edgar, Jason, Paulina), Pasaway Apes (Andre, Anne, Syd), and Team Mo (Mel, Alex, Lilet & Edward).

The 4 teams competed in in the Final WOD: Pull ups, Thrusters, Deadlifts, Push Ups, Mb Cleans & Lunges, and Kb Swings & Squats.

Crazy Monkeys took an early lead after finishing the pull ups and thrusters, while Team Facial Hair had an easier time with the deadlift and push ups station.  Although the Crazy Monkeys, Pasaway Apes, and Team Mo in last place, they all at the Medball & Kettlebells stations. In a surprise twist of events, Team MO finished first and with a come from behind win, they became the champions of theApe Games 2015.

It was all sweat and cheers at the very first Primal Ape’s Brodown. As exhausted the players were, it was definitely the good kind. It showed the support everyone had for each member. Congratulations to all the teams!

Photos and Words by CJ Lampad