According to World Health Organization (WHO), Diabetes ranks 7th in the leading cause of death in the world. We already know that obesity and sugary drinks are the main culprits in causing the disease but just recently, Singapore health authorities identified another major factor in the alarming growth of diabetic cases in the world, specially in Asia: the white rice.

Zee Yoong Kang  of  Singapore Health Promotion Board shared findings of his study involving 350,000 people conducted in Harvard School of Health and was published in British Medical Journal

  1. A bowl of rice has more than twice the carbohydrate content of a can of softdrink.  
  2. Sugar in white rice is absorbed by the blood quickly. This makes our pancreas work harder and become less efficient in producing insulin.
  3. Asians are more at risk with diabetes because Asians take refined carbs like rice and noodles which have more sugar.

Despite these new findings, they are not asking people to stop eating white rice. Instead, Mr. Kang suggests replacing 20% of white rice with brown rice and encourages everyone to engage into an active lifestyle or atleast walk for 15 minutes everyday.

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