Strength comes not only from the arms, legs or core. To attain peak performance, we must be physically, and mentally strong. A strong mind does wonders in all facets of our lives, which is why we must strive to develop mental resilience. 

Last Saturday, January 9, 2016, international keynote speaker, NLP master practitioner, and World Stage Internatioanl Network’s transformation rockstar  Cherry Pua Africa, led a 2-hour Mental Toughness Seminar for Primal Ape’s athletes and coaches. 

NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is a method of empowering our behaviour through the use of language patterns to enable our highest desires in life. 

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You can’t be a CrossFit Games athlete with a newbie mindset” says Coach Cherry, emphasizing the power of our mind in achieving our goals.  “Our mind and body are part of one system.  What happens to one affects the other. Our motions determine our emotions and our emotions drive our highest results," she continued.  This philosophy relate well to WODs.  If we start with a mindset saying we can’t do it, we’ve failed at the outset. But if we push ourselves until we finish it, we set new PRs.  “Right words, open  right files”, she added.
For members who missed last Saturday’s talk, World Stage International Network is organizing “Ignite The Fire In You” on March 3-5, 2016. Ignite the Fire in You is an ultimate breakthrough boot camp that enables you to unleash your inner fire so that you are achieving your biggest dreams in autopilot. This extreme seminar that includes Firewalking and board breaking and is loaded with practical tools in NLP is a rapid transformation program that will allows you to extinguish your fears and limiting beliefs so that you embody the life that you want to enjoy everyday and in every way.  It is empowering, inspiring and life changing! 

Exclusive Offer to members of Primal Ape CrossFit - Be a firewalker and a force for awesome, both In and out of our box! World Stage is extending a one-time only special member offer of Php 6,000 payable in 12 easy installments if you enroll on or before Jan 31, 2016.   Choose any one of the 3 days of this NLP boot camp and change your mindset forever.  

For more info, contact Coach Bernadette at 0917.6179774 or ‪02-5177829‪, or visit the World Stage website at ‬

by Cj Lampad

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