“Its not often we get validation for our relationship. Part of what made it stronger is the community of Primal Ape CrossFit”  says Kerwin Go, Chef and Fitness Instructor and partner of Operations Director, Jose Decolongon.

It’s a romance that spans multiple holidays and cities that span half the world; Kerwin and Jose became a couple in Manila on Christmas Day, 2010.  Four years later, they got engaged in Taipei, on Halloween, 2014.  Exactly 6 months later on April’s Fool 2015, they got married in San Francisco.


Kerwin started doing CrossFit August of 2015 while searching for fitness regimens to supplement his training for Les Mills programs. A few weeks later, he asked Jose to also give it a try.

“My first CrossFit session with Kerwin felt like the longest 60 minutes of my life. It was challenging and strangely exhilarating. I was hooked.”, Jose recalls.

Working out brought the couple together during the week. It gave them other things to talk about - how easy or difficult the WOD, new programs of the box and  even box gossips.

“Kerwin has enriched my life in ways he doesn't realize.  Introducing me to Crossfit and Primal Ape CF are part of it”, says Jose.


“I think I've created a monster by introducing him to CrossFit.”, Kerwin says of Jose. “He knows the names of more elite CrossFit athletes than I do. Jose never gives up.  This determination helps him unlock skills fast”.
The couple observed they attack each WOD similar to how they live their lives: one calm and collected, the other, bursting with energy.  Jose tackles his WOD with a zen-like serenity; Kerwin screaming and shouting at his station.

“Kerwin is like a diesel engine.  Starts out easy and relaxed.  But once warmed up; there's no stopping him. He thrives in the kitchen and the gym where one needs to be strong both in mind and body.  He thrives in crisis and in difficult situations. He's there when you need him the most” shares Jose.

For Kerwin and Jose, Love is just like CrossFit – easy at the start, extremely challenging during the middle, yet ultimately satisfying when you’ve conquered the WOD.  “What's important is you commit to never give up, make it work no matter what, for in the end, #LOVEWINS".

Words by CJ Lampad

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