“Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right” - Henry Ford

A good friend once told me, “You have to fake it, until you make it!” It stuck to me even though I don’t believe you should ever fake anything. I am a firm believer in staying positive through tough times, like tough WODs and situations so difficult it makes me piss in my pants. Staying positive and using positive self-talk to get through that last 400m run or that last round of unbroken pull ups always work.

Let’s take this one step further. What do you tell yourself before a WOD? I have absolutely no scientific evidence to back up my claims, but I know that if you are standing around before the WOD saying, “this WOD is going to suck” I’m almost positive that the WOD will definitely suck. Let’s flip that around, if you say “I’m going to crush this WOD” or “I’m fast, I’m strong, I’m prepared for this” you are more likely to move better through the WOD. Will the WOD still be tough? You bet your ass it will be!

Are any of these WODs easy? No! Would you like them to be easy? No! We all have different reasons for doing CrossFit. We all have different ability levels, from the competitive CrossFit to the weekend warriors. One thing that we all share, no matter what our level is, is the experience of tackling a WOD. My advice is, make it easier on yourself, and don’t accept defeat before you even get started.

This strength period is a perfect example of what positive self-talk can do for you. We have been squatting a lot lately and we are squatting more this December. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting under a heavy bar, squatting below parallel and literally getting your ass out of the hole. You all have been setting PRs on top of PRs and I’m sure it’s not from standing in front of the bar before and saying “dear God, this is a ton of weight, I’ll never be able to squat it”. Hell no! You stand at that bar and channel your inner beast and say “EASY DAY” or channel George Go and yell “I’m going to F@#KING SQUAT THIS S&!T!” or my personal favorite “LIGHT WEIGHT!”.

Do yourself a favor, be positive before your WOD, be positive during your WOD, and be positive after your WOD. After might be the hardest part sometimes. There are going to be days when you don’t set a PR or you fail on a lift. It’s just a fact. This is the roller coaster ride of CrossFit that we’ve all decided to ride on. When one of these days happens it may seem impossible to find something positive to hang your hat on, but know this, you are fitter than you were yesterday. You did something others won’t. And you took yourself out of your comfort zone and laid it all on the line.

So today, before you attack this WOD, remind yourself how strong you are, how you are going to crush this WOD, and how you are going to kick this WOD in the face. Find that positivity whether it’s glaring like a new PR or as subtle as a faster first 400m run in Helen and put it in your pocket.

We are still going to have a strength cycle this coming December and I know some of you are still motivated and wants to do more. The question is … are you smart enough to trust the process? Get after it Primal Ape CrossFit!

Words by: Anton Sietereales
Photos by: CJ lampad