Husband and wife, Jay and Chaz Pantangco got to spend more time with each other since signing up at Primal Ape CrossFit.  Their marriage of nine years is blessed with three children: Anton (6), Matteo (4) and  Penny (2). Together, the family calls themselves “The Five Silly Pants”.

“Jay is always excited with the WODs or Workout of the Day.  It’s the first thing he checks in the morning. He always pushes himself to improve his times and lift, and encourages everyone around him,” says Chaz.


Jay and Chaz started doing Bootcamp last July  2015, wanting to try something new after getting bored with his usual gym routines.  Chaz just wanted to get back in shape. After their trial workout, both of them got hooked.

“I walked into my first workout feeling confident that I would be able to handle it. The warm-ups left me winded.  I didn’t think I would finish the WOD, but I did” recalls Jay.
Chaz remembers almost fainting after the warm-up that she had to stop. Fortunately, Jay was there to push her to try again and to finish the workout. “Chaz always has pre-workout jitters, but she always gives her all no matter the workout,” says Jay.


“The Pants” couple discovered a bond in CrossFit that they don’t get elsewhere. “We respect each other, rejoicing in each other’s other’s triumphs.  We celebrate our personal records and constantly look to the next one. Most of all we do not  allow the other to give up.”

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