Ana Brennan knew CrossFit is going to be intense  but she was excited for the opportunity and physical challenge it represented. “I wanted to be strong. I wasn't scared at all”, she said.

Going back on her first CrossFit trial three years ago, she remembered feeling like dying after a simple workout. “I didn't feel embarrassed by my lack of fitness as everyone there was so supportive. I signed up immediately”

Since then, she enjoyed the day to day process of taining and seeing herself imporve overtime. Her favorite workouts are Alactic intervals and “Helen”.

CrossFit made Ana feel empowered and more confident in her physical capabilities.”I realised I could do so much more than I thought possible” she said. “This new mindset transferred into my life outside the gym”

Asked for a message for women who would like to try CrossFit, Ana says:
“Be consistent and committed to putting the time in. Trust the process because changes do not happen over night.”

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