Learning and self-improvement never end for Kerwin Go. In spite of teaching group exercises in a fitness club for almost 10 years now, Kerwin continues to work harder and learn more by adding crossfit to his training. “I picked up CrossFit since the programs I teach stepped up a notch, I needed to increase my speed, endurance and be more explosive when I teach my classes.” Kerwin puts in. 

Kerwin confessed that he was resisting crossfit before because of injury stories that he has heard. But after being trained by Coach Anton of Primal Ape, he started to appreciate CrossFit and changed his perception about it. “Coach Anton is very technical when it comes to my lifts. He focuses more on the technique over the load”. 

Currently, his weekly training includes 4 mobility workouts and 3 CrossFit classes with Coach Anton. “So yeah I’ve drank the kool-aid and pretty much enjoying it,” he said.

Alongside with teaching Body Combat and Body Pump 4x a week, Kerwin also works as a Chef in Sala, a European fine dining restaurant in Makati City. He started cooking professionally in 2004 and credits his paternal grandmother as his greatest influence. “She exposed me to wet markets and the kitchen. That’s why I was never the fittest kid when I was growing up” Kerwin recalled. He reached 220 lbs and that’s when he decided to change and started moving. He began jogging, swimming, playing squash and lifting weights. And there started his healthy and active lifestyle.

As a chef and a group exercise instructor, Kerwin feels very happy that he was able to turn his passion into his profession. “My works compliment each other; as a chef I make people fat and as an instructor I help them lose the weight”. Kerwin laughingly said.

For Kerwin, getting into fitness must be a commitment. “It is something you want to do and not just because everyone is doing it. You don’t have to start big, just small steps and find an excellent coach to help you achieve your goal”

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By Cj Lampad

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