After a month of box-jumps, burpees and bootcamp classes, I took the plunge and signed up for  Primal Instinct: a 2-day CrossFit foundation class that familiarizes athletes with weightlifting movements such as the deadlift, cleans, snatches, and the jerks used in CrossFit workouts.

“We do not switch to the next movement until you execute this correctly” Coach Jude exclaimed, reminding everyone of the importance of proper form over load and reps. 

Snatch is lifting a barbell from ground to overhead in a quick motion, while Clean and jerk is a two-movement lift – the clean, where one lifts the barbell from ground and racks it on one’s shoulders, and the jerk, one has to push barbell off the shoulder to the overhead position.

These movements not only enhance power, but also develop balance, flexibility, coordination, speed and endurance.

As my biggest fear in doing CrossFit is having a barbell fall on me - I listened intently to the coaches’ lectures. “When the elbow bends, the power ends”, drilled Coach Anton, emphasizing correct posture at every check point in weight lifting. He also taught us the safe way to “bail out” should  one be unable to hold the weight – a useful skill that can be a life saver!

Apart from learning barbell movements, my biggest take away from the 2-day class was facing my fear.  I’ve stayed away from work-outs with weight-lifting because of “that” fear.   Days after completing Primal Instinct, I realized that facing my fears made me feel more confident about myself.

Want to learn the basics with CrossFit certified coaches? Sign up for the next Primal Instinct Class here.

By Cj Lampad