New class schedules, new programs and new coaches will be your Easter treats from Primal Ape CrossFit.  As we welcome our third year, Primal Ape will continue to bring out the PRIMAL BEAST in you as we take further steps in achieving our fitness goals and our never ending journey to become the best version of ourselves.

New Class Schedules


6am CrossFit classes and 11am Primal Fit classes has been added to accommodate the growing numbers of Primal Ape athletes! Don’t forget to book your classes here in the website or by using the Primal Ape App. If all class schedules still do not fit you, you can now book PERSONAL TRAINING classes!

New Programs

Aside from CrossFit, Primal Fit and Primal Instict, new programs will be added to cater to varying needs of athletes: Primal Edge will be opened to athletes who are prepping up for competitions. Skill Unlock Fridays will focus on movements that we all wish to unlock.




New Coaches

New faces, new friends! A line up of new coaches with extensive fitness background will help you in achieving your short or long term fitness goals.  Let’s welcome Coach Renee Pasco, Coach Paulo Gonzales, Coach Jonathan Badilla and Coach Jansen Banzon. All of them will be handling CrossFit and Primal Fit classes.

Coach Xhi’s Post-Easter Message:

“We feasted on our Open's achievements, our anniversary, our feelings, and during the Holy week. If you got "fat" (harsh word, sorry) over the weeks, then this is your welcome back to reality month. 

CrossFitters - We will be mixing up Oly lifts and benchmark WODs  for your programming. PrimalFitters - We will be working-on your Shoulder-to-overheads, core strengthening, and "fat-burning" WODs to prep us to our upcoming Beach Challenge. And we have skill-focused movement training as well. Consider working with our new coaches closely. Every workout will be a chance of progression, do it right! Assuring a month full of PR's and fun!”

Happy April!!!