It’s a fact: strong is in.

A toned, muscular and functional body has become the new sexy for both men and women.The growing acceptance by the media and sportswear companies that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes is a positive step toward encouraging people to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

According to Samantha Clayton, former Olympian and Herbalife Director of Worldwide Fitness Education, “a healthy body may come in different shapes and sizes but will never go out of fashion”.

There is someone who may look thin, but in actuality they have an unhealthy internal body-fat ratio that is detrimental to their health. There are also many people who may look a little larger, but are actually very health internally. With any exercise plan, your main priority should be to benefit the inside of your body. But as a bonus, exercise benefits your external appearance as well. 

The following are important reasons why you should add weight and strength training to your regular fitness routine according to Clayton.

1.       Burn More Calories

By lifting weights and becoming strong, you’ll change every aspect of your body. People with increased musclemass burn more calories at rest than those without. It takes more energy for your body to sustain lean muscle and, therefore, your resting metabolic rate may increase as a result of lifting weights.

2.       Improved Bone Density

Weight-bearing exercise is very beneficial for bone health in people of all ages. The aging process is linked to a decrease in bone density and a greater risk of fractures. So, consider how you can add weights to your workout, because your bones rely on resistance training to stay healthy and strong.

3.       Improved Performance

If your body gets used to lifting weights, imagine how much easier just lifting your own body weight will be.Improved strength means that your daily activities will become easier, and if you’re training for a sport, an increase in muscular strength can significantlyimprove your performance.

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Source: Herbal Life

Words by: CJ Lampad