"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do,not a punishment of what you ate"


Back from the holiday season, everyone's pumped up to burn all those holiday hams, and sweet delicacies.  While this is a good motivation to push ourselves,  we often forget the bigger picture of the experience that our workouts brings us.

So how do we reboot our fitness game this 2018?

Through exercise mindfulness.

Instead of pouring on your head with "I'm too lazy to attend classes today" or "I can't do the workout", try to question these statements. Don't act as if they are what is.  Instead put your attention on the actual experience and the effects of exercise on you.

While distraction seems ideal, noticing how our body works throughout the process is empowering, seeing that it makes us feel we are in control of our body.

Now it's a fresh start this 2018. Here are things that can  help you reboot your attitude towards fitness:

1. Focus on breathing during aerobic intensity

We all admit that one tactic to survive those 10 burpees,  1000m run or 1000m row is to sing along with the tunes. However, paying attention to our breath can regulate it to a healthier flow. This can bring you to a more consistent flow of breathing with balance and tranquility.

2.  Be "with" the sensory experience of that hang power clean.

Move over, the difficulty of the movement, notice the grip of your hands around the barbell, your pull as it slides through your body. Your consciousness through the workout may actually be beneficial for you to get that right form, and further boost its benefits.

Now this 2018, approach workouts with openness, reboot your attitude and re-boot you!

Words by: Jodel Velarde

Source: Chertok, G. (2017, December 5). Mindful Exercise: How to Reboot Your Attitude Toward Fitness Retrieved December 20, 2017, from https://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/articles/2017-12-05/mindful-exercise-how-to-reboot-your-attitude-toward-fitness