“There is a certain confidence that comes with being fit. Not a boastful type of confidence but a 'I am strong and I can do this' type of confidence which affected the way I work and play, positively” – Carlo Tanseco, PACF Athelete of the Year

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At Primal Ape CrossFit, we have many #fitspiration stories to tell. More than just photos and videos, we share inspiring stories of our member athletes who exceed themselves and unknowingly inspire others to become better version of themselves.

Best examples are 2017 Athletes of the Year, Chunchi Soler and Carlo Tanseco. They joined Primal Ape in 2016 and had been inspiring people since then.

“I have gotten back to my weight almost 10 or so years ago. 10 pounds to go to reach my modeling weight. Back to a size 30 and fit into old jeans that have kept In the event that they would fit again” said Chunchi.

“I turned ** this year... and I have never felt better and younger. I would attribute this mainly to my fitness regimen” said Carlo.

For Chunchi and Carlo, age was never a disadvantage, they showed strength in WODs and can keep up with their younger box-mates.

“Age is not a deterrent, it's a matter of keeping active and exercising properly.You use it, or you lose it”, they said.

They usually attend the 6pm or 7pm class, 4x a week. They look at every WOD as a challenge and in a span of 1 year, they’ve beaten personal records, finished WODs strong and even participated in Reebok CrossFit Open.


2017 Athlete of the YeaR

2017 Athlete of the YeaR

“Crossfit and Primal, once you've tried it for at least 2 to 3 weeks will become a habit. It is a self-motivating activity. It is habit-forming because you see the positive results in your mobility, agility, strength, recovery time and endurance in as short as a month. Who will not be motivated by this? it is the best gift you can give yourself”, they said.

Are you ready to give the best gift to for yourself this 2018?

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Words by CJ Lampad