"As traffic worsens in Manila, the 2-hour drive from home or to work gets really painful, especially to seat with a large belly and tight pants that I have to unbutton." This conscious experience of Adrian Macalino opted him to change his lifestyle and lose ll kgs in  2 months. 


Knowing where he was at his fitness journey allowed him to progress quickly. But of course, this change didn't come easy. During his first few workouts, he claims that he can't even do 10 scaled push ups, nor run 100m around the box. 

However, this didn't stop him. He knew what he no longer wanted that painful feeling everytime he drives home. He still found courage to go to the box after work, even during lunch breaks. Running or boxing during weekends is also part of his lifestyle change.

Now, he can do rope climbs, even do a pull up in just a span of 2 months.

So what can we learn from Adrian's story?

It's simply being aware about your fitness journey. What do you need change in? That will serve us a reminder to stay commited to your goals.


Want to know how else our member of the month can reach these goals?

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