It's a whirlwind of events and weekend of wins for Primal Ape CrossFit as members of the community excel in their fields of sports and fitness.

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Coach Anton Sietereales, Chris Hernandez and Trever Love, with the nation's affiliate coaches battled it all out in the recently concluded Coaches Throwdown 2017, held September 2 and 3. Celebrating community and passion for CrossFit, coaches rounded up once again for this yearly summit besting out their colleagues in the sport they all love.

Coach Anton, head coach of Avant Garde CrossFit, landed 3rd place against dozens of athletes in the Masters division.

Ending also on a podium finish, Coach Trever Love aced in the five events of the competition, bagging 2nd place of the same division.

The long weekend was also monumental for Bruins: Racers of the High Seas after bagging awards in the 7th Korea Open Busan International Dragon Boat Festival. The paddling apes, headed by its team captain Heber Fabregar, competed against 25 teams coming from different countries eyeing to win in the various categories of the competition


Bruins bagged the following awards:

2nd Place, Premier MIXED DB22 200 meters

2nd Place, Premier MIXED DB12 200 meters

2nd Place, Premier MIXED DB22 500 meters

3rd Place, Premier OPEN DB12 500 meters

3rd Place, Premier MIXED DB22 1000 meters

'The two day event is tiring, with our athletes decked for the next event right after another. But the CrossFit workout has prepared us to not just perform in a single heat race, but on multiple races with the same intensity in performance.' Heber takes pride in the land training and CrossFit workout the team underwent to prepare for their first international competition.

It was an eye opener for the team for it took their competency to the international level 'Marami pang bigas na sasaingin at kainin. I envision the team to train more and learn more. We (Bruins) all need to have a learner's attitude no matter what we achieve, and I think being involved in the CrossFit classes taught our paddlers this valuable character.' Heber added.

CrossFit inspires its athletes to learn and play new sport. And with the community excelling in different tilts, the fitness they earned inside the box is the ace they hold in any sport they join.

Congratulations to our king kong community! You guys make us proud

Primal Ape is a proud fitness partner and sponsor of Bruins: Racers of the High Seas.

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