All of us had some sort of awakening to realize that we need to focus in to something. A lot of times, we only pay attention and give priority when things go out of hand already. Whether be it in our finances, our relationship - worst our health. As for Sarah Doloiras, she knew that she must take her health in the forefronts of her priority.

'I started working out with regular gyms, and just like everybody else all I want is to lose weight.' Sarah, a Java Developer of a company here in Makati, was not really in to fitness with a corporate job that puts her behind a desk sitting for long periods of time, and her leisure of water color painting, which also doesn't really put her in to a lot of physical activity.  


'I need something that can get me pumped up, and where I can really start losing weight.' In search for a place to start working out, she landed in various fitness facilities but most of them doesn't satisfy her needs nor complimented her schedule. She was intimidated by machines, and with no trainers involved in most packages sold, nor fitness community to support, it never worked for her.

"Deal Grocer brought me here. The community made me stay.' Getting in to CrossFit for the first time and doing it with Primal Ape, Sarah knows that it was the place she needs to deal with her fitness.  Along the way she made real friends and was so happy to be involved in a fitness community. "This is the only gym where there's 'Hi' and 'Goodbye' to everyone. I mean, everyone is so warm and supportive to everyone's fitness goals.'

Speaking of fitness goals, Sarah said that before, she thinks that rope climbs are only left for the few. "Now my personal goal is Rope Climbs and Pull Ups. I can't believe myself now, that I am now aiming for those." Her parents and friends disapprove of her being involved in CrossFit "But as they see me right now, I think they are happy for me and for the dedication I put in to fitness." Now, Sarah was just promoted to do CrossFit. And now personally picked by Coach Trever Love as Primal Ape's featured Member of the Month this September 2017. She was very happy and excited for what lies ahead for her fitness. 

Asked if she had any fitness people she looks up to, "I am amazed by Coach Joanne and Coach Rachelle. Looks like a babe, Lifts like a beast!'

To beast in every workout is what Sarah tries to do. "I think that, Strong people get stronger because they try. Weak people stay weak because they stop." That's why when asked for an advice for people who would like to do CrossFit for the first time, first thing she advised was for the people to try. "Go try it.The hardest part of workting out is actually going out and trying it for the very first time. And I assure you, you'd never regret the day you decided not to be weak anymore - once you are in it, you will enjoy the process and the progress."

Words by: Jek Llanos