Founding member and Primate-of-the-Month JM Broncate has been with #TeamPrimal from the very start. And this indoor cycling, skin-diving, 30-something accountant remember what it was like back then.

“The mats weren’t laid down, it was dusty, and the skylights weren’t installed,” recalls JM, “but I still signed-up for a free-trial, just for the heck of it. No idea what CrossFit was, at the time.”

It’s been two years since he started his journey, and JM has benefitted and contributed much to Primal’s current, healthy (fitness) balance sheet. A high-five here, a word of encouragement there - the positivity adds up - as do the gains.

“I WOD as often as I can, which is normally 4-5 days a week. It’s challenging. You get good and bad days but it’s never boring. I’ve learned when to pace, and when to push. You realize that not being an a** is a necessity - on and off the box.”

Because when not working out, he enjoys hanging out with the OGs of Primal Ape, as well as the occasional (“Ok, more often than occasional”) cheat days. He wants to say he binges on “gluten-free, complex carbs” but when probed further, he admits to splurging on “Potato Corner, buttermilk fried chicken, chocolate cake, banana bread, and ice cream.”

When asked if there was anything else…

“OK! Bingsu and beer!”

No worries then - it’s all for recovery.

JM is the fittest he’s been in his life, and regards CrossFit as an asset, and is grateful to Coach Anton, Coach Jude and Coach Chris - “who were there during my wimpy days” - and passes on “much love to Coach Trever, Rache, Jo and Mel, for always pushing me to be better.”

When asked for advice, he smiles, saying that it’s important that newbies “understand that sometimes it’s really going to suck. Just be patient, show up and hustle. You may call them bad days and that’s all they are - they don’t sum up the entirety of you.”

For finance-minded yet fun-loving JM, fitness is a lot like the stock market. Constant, steady gains beat high-risk, high-reward schemes. Profit and value are in the long-term, and for this prime-mate, his investment in Primal Ape has yielded priceless dividends - ones that ultimately help his market value rise.

Words by" Redge Tolentino

Banker by day, CrossFitter at night. YOU can also be like that. Sign up for a free trial and workout with JM at Philippines' premiere CrossFit box!