So you hit the WOD from Monday until Friday. Did some trekking in the weekend and your workout week starts all over again. You are missing something, right?

Your body needs rest. Some people think that by continuously hitting the gym they'd realize the fitness gains quicker and efficiently.  But, our body doesn't work that way.  It is important to give your body enough time to recover.

Based on a research presented at the American Physiological Society which includes female Olympic rowers, continuous workout leads to increased levels of inflammation, and lower levels of bone building protein in their blood during their most intense weeks of training, compared to recovery weeks.

At the height of the 9 weeks training, it showed increased risk of bone density loss.

"The systematic inflammation of intense training, unless you bring it down from time to time, creates an issue for bone cells and all kinds of tissue" says author Panagiota Klentrou. "When you are at the peak training, you also have to incorporate time for the body to recover", he added.

Giving room for recovery time allows the muscle to repair itself, and also translates efficient gains from the training done. The body needs rest and adequate fueling to maintain high levels of functioning.

The next time you're taking a day off from working out, you should not feel guilty for doing so. Just think about all the training that may go down the drain if a simple rest day is missed out from your program.

Words by: Jek Llanos

Reference: MacMillan, A. (2017, April 26). Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Taking a Day Off From Your Workout. Retrieved May 17, 2017, from