Getting a nine to five duty is a full time work for many of us. But for moms like Tey, her full time job happened when her daughter was born - and it was from eyes open to eyes closed duty from that day on.

A banker by profession, Tey Sablayan- Dela Pena gave up her day job to look after her daughter, Kit, who is in to her pre-school years already. "And I thought I gave up a full time work." she muses. Like most moms, Tey had to juggle all the work - looking after the household, taking care of her husband, and running after Kit.

A day don't seem enough to accomplish all the work, for it requires some miracle for mothers to fit exercise  in to their time. But Tey managed to work on that magic and put herself back in to her fitness loop.

"I used to row with my husband as a sport, but that was many moons ago." Tey and her husband were delighted to see rowing machines in CrossFit, and were part of the reason why they were hooked with this sport since they started last November 2016.

"First of all, the feeling of being physically spent after each workout of the day, keeps me going back to CrossFit. The energy of the community is amazing, and working out with people who are focused on their fitness goals is contagious." Tey had been full time to CrossFit, working out four to five times a week. It paid off handsomely for her,  gaining a good engine to wade her way to the demands of motherhood.

It's a win also for her for she was still able to look after Kit. "Thanks to Primal Ape, the place was large enough so Kit can see me while I workout as she plays in the gymnastics area." Tey likes the idea that her daughter is exposed to fitness at an early age to instill how fitness is important and it's a given to carve out time for it.

Above all, Tey thinks it's only by grace she's able to juggle her work as a mom, all the while putting her fitness on top of it. "Foremost it makes me feel good about myself, and also to live this life is a testimony that only by grace that I can do such things." With her dedication and willingness, it was made possible to accomplish a mother and a wife's role and putting fitness on top, in full time.

If you're a mom like Tey, there's no more excuse for you for not working out. Start with a trial class with us.