I am not overweight. I am safe.

Many fell in to the notion that only obese individuals are at risk of developing a heart disease. One common excuse for sedentary individuals on the other hand is that they do not need exercise since they do not need to shed any weight and should not worry of being at risk to have a cardiovascular issue. 

We already know that people who are overweight and obese had the highest rates of heart disease. This was further confirmed in the latest research in Netherlands where they studied exercise habits, body mass index, and rate of heart disease and stroke of 5,344 middle aged and older people.

But in the course of study, the trend reveals a surprising finding: when they compared the obese and the normal weighted individuals that are both in to an active lifestyle, it showed a same level risk of developing a heart disease.

Sounds confusing? Lower or higher risk individuals in relation to weight, Exercise as proven in the study had positive effects of keeping the rates and risks of heart disease low.

“We conclude that inactivity and being obese have the same risk or similar risk of developing heart disease,” says Klodian Dhana, a postdoctoral researcher in epidemiology at Erasmus Medical Center, who is now in in the department of nutrition at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Exercise is one of the most powerful things you can do to protect your heart. Beginning your active lifestyle today would be the best decision in combating risks in developing heart conditions. Start your active lifestyle and sign up in our Primal Fit & CrossFit classes!

Words by: CJ Lampad

Reference: Park, A. (2017, March 1). Not Exercising Is As Bad As Being Obese, Health-Wise. Retrieved April 1, 2017, from http://time.com/4686043/exercise-workout-obesity/