There are two things you'd mostly see inside a gym these days: people working out and people peering on their smartphones. You really can't separate people from their smartphones these days; it's now integral to our existence but what most people don't know is that these tiny gadgets can ruin your workout or put all your day's effort down the drain.

There are dizzying array of fitness apps and gadgets that can measure your steps, monitor heartrate, even track your trail, speed and distance while running or biking. A few also play workout videos, track fitness progress and book schedules in fitness classes. However, recent studies suggest that the use of phone, most particularly texting and talking, while working out can affect your performance. Here are some reasons why phones should not be used during work out based on the studies authored by Michael Rebold.

1. Affects Balance and Stability According to a study published in the Journal Performance Enhancement & Health (2016), “texting during exercise impacted balance and stability by 45%, compared to not using a phone”.

2. Lessens Performance Intensity Another study published in Computers in Human Behavior (2016), claimed that people who texted during a 20-minute workout, spent almost 10 of those minutes in a low intensity zone and only seven minutes in high intensity, while those without a phone spent 3 minutes low intensity and 13 minutes high intensity.

3. Increases Risk of Injuries Conversing thru phones made balance 19% worse, less than texting, but still significant enough for you to be prone to injuries. It could lead you to possibly fall off the treadmill or if you’re walking outside, fall off a curb and roll your ankle, or tear your ACL.

4. Causes Distractions Cellphones distract us. The mentioned studies were done on college students and even if they are known to be born in this digital age and are able multi task , these severe impacts could still be true to them.

They say those who love to multi tasks are the worst people at multi tasking. Fiddling with your phone while running doesn't make you efficient at both of those tasks. It maybe tempting to snap a selfie or change to your favorite playlist, yet having known the above mentioned claims may give you enough reasons to avoid it. Maintain your focus and accomplish one activity at a time.

Words by: CJ Lampad

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