Two years since it opened its doors, Primal Ape CrossFit had its time of success, of failures; time that it learned from its mistakes and opportunities of redemptions. Also, those two years were the season for Kester when he grow his fitness in CrossFit.

'My first session was when the box was at its 1st month, around the last week of March 2015.' Kester Sze, an Architect by profession,  had been trained ground up at Primal Ape. Before CrossFit, he's in to swimming already as a sport, and was a varsity in High School, playing side by side with another member of Primal Ape that referred him to try CrossFit.

'That time I tried CrossFit? I wasn't able to finish the workout. That's when I realize how my fitness had deteriorated since my varsity years.' It became the lasting thought in him, that made him decide to focus on his fitness and prove himself that he can do better.

Time in and time out at the box, he worked out and made it a point to set new goals and objectives.  'Working out for me since I started training is non-negotiable. More than a habit, It's now a craving for thrill, that makes me feel scared and excited at the same time (at the WODs).' Two years in to his training, it was the time spent in his grind at the box that defined his fitness and performance today.

Kester hugely attributes much of what he learned from his mentors at Primal Ape. He likes the coaching style of Coach Trever and Coach Jude that focuses on details. 'I had the chance to train with the both of them, and I really appreciate their inputs during our one-on-one Iron Mike sessions. The best thing I learned from them is that with every failure, there is always a chance for redemption.'

'But all in all it would not be possible without my solid foundations from Coach Anton (Sietereales). I would not be hitting any PR without his fundamentals.' Kester added.

He considers himself still in the young years of his CrossFit training. But asked on what is his goal at this point in time - 'I owe a lot from my community at Primal Ape. It's time to Pay it forward.' If it weren't for the community, Kester believes that it won't be possible for him to be pushing himself in every WOD, no celebrations of PRs, and workouts would be less fun.

There is a time for everything. Kester had his time of being a neophyte and today he heed the call of giving back to the community. Asked on what he can advise 'Trust the process, Enjoy the process, embrace the suck, and remember to pay it forward.'

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