CrosssFit couple, Kenneth & Jie met via Tinder a year ago. Both were into fitness, and are coffee lovers. “We decided to meet and had a date, and we feel like everything just sort of clicked for the both of us - like it was meant to be from the start.” shared Jie.

In the course of their dating period,  they often visit 2-3 coffee shops every day, until they fell in to sedentary lifestyle. Six months of coffee dates and zero workouts, both of them packed weight until they decided to start working out again.

'We found Primal Ape CrossFit when we head to Habitual Coffee. We signed up and began working out TOGETHER since then.' Jie who tried a lot of fitness disciplines before, took CrossFit lightly thinking it would just be the same circuit training she had. But the first workout already proved her wrong.

Young couple: Jie and Kenneth

Young couple: Jie and Kenneth


Six months in at Primal Ape, their young love still has a lot of things in store for them.

Kenneth discovers “Jie is a beast in workouts; she keeps on going and going. It's a bit weird because outside the box she is usually lazy; she only lays around and drinks her coffee,”  Jie on the other hand sees Kenneth the other way around. 'He cheers me at the start of the workout, but he's the one who clamors most of the time in the middle of the WOD.'

But of course, working out with your partner has its pros and cons.

“One advantage of working out with your partner is it's easy to get motivated when you see him/her pushing themselves to finish the WOD” said Kenneth.

“It's a disadvantage when one of us is busy and would need to skip a session, the other one would also skip because it’s not the same without him/her” said Jie.

It is great to see that at a young age, Kenneth & Jie knew the importance of maintaining their health and fitness. This will also benefit their relationship and life in general. The quirky couple poses a good example for us all. Here's what they can say:

“We take our relationship like a cup of coffee. The bitter and strong kick in the brew is what makes and separates a good cup to mediocre ones. We continue to work out together, for the hardships in fitness actually made our relationship stronger. It made our relationship unique and what separates us from most young couples.'

Fitness binds and strengthens relationships. Make a CrossFit workout a perfect date by signing up for a free trial.