With little to no time left to push the training for the 2017 Open workout, which will be unveiled on February 23, we asked our coaches snippets of advice on how  one should approach the WODs in the upcoming five weeks.

Coach Zoe

They should approach is as an opportunity to challenge themselves and have fun in a supportive environment. The most important part being to have fun. We do this to see if we have made improvements from year to year, Dont stress and be smart.

Coach Jude

Basically, the Open is a test for work capacity that plays around Gymnastics/Bodyweight (Pull-ups, Muscle-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups etc.), Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerks), and Mono-structural/Metabolic Conditioning movements (Row, DUs, Box Jump Overs etc.) An annual culmination to chase the better you. So whatever the results you have is the work that you've accomplished for last 365 days. Do the things that you can control and be smart on what you do, strategize well based on your capacity. Quality, consistency, efficiency, and mental toughness is the key to overcome adversity no matter how hard and painful it is you have to keep those four in mind.

Coach Chris

My advice would be - don't put too much pressure on themselves, just enjoy the workouts and make it a learning experience. And most of all enjoy and have fun!

Coach Joanne

Surprise yourself. When I did my first open, there was only an RX division, and the workout includes an Overhead squat. I was only able to do 8 for the total number of reps, but I did it anyway. The next year I was up in the ranks - that's the surprise the Open gives you. Just have fun, the community is there to cheer you in every rep.

Coach Rachelle

Remember it's just you and the clock. Listen to your body but also know how to keep pushing. Usually you can do one more.. then another.  Don't worry about what others are doing, where they are in the workout.. just focus on what you need to do, keep breathing, and keep going.


Coach Trever Love on the other hand sees the 2017 Open workout as an opportunity to set new goals and directions for himself and for the Primal Ape community.

Personal achievements:

I would like to just have fun and get myself back on track with my own fitness. It's been put on the back burner because of my responsibility to my own community but I'm ready for the test and to get better from here. 

Community achievements:

I'm looking forward to the community finding out what they are made of. Seeing the training they've done day in and day out put to use. And of course just having fun with it, no stress, leaving it all out on the floor and being content with their performance.

Take it as it is or with a grain of salt, your performance at the CrossFit Open is the best measure to assess your daily efforts in and out of the box. With the Coaches' tips with you, you are definitely #2017OpenReady!

Words by: Jek Llanos