A CrossFit community never runs out of inspiring stories. And if the walls could speak, it can tell endless tales of everyone's struggle, pain and inspirations in overcoming  their own crosses.

Drawing an inspiration from one of the members, Ian is a proof that fitness is a bridge in the continuum of lifelong health. He shared it had always been a challenge for him to fix his health condition and it entails utmost discipline in exercises, prioritizing fitness in his schedules, and proper attitude towards nutrition, all in the pursuit of health.


"CrossFit is insane, tiring, and one of the hard things I have done." It was still insane up to this day, Ian added, but he said without the insanity and shock that he got from it, he couldn't have done more in the years that passed.

He started at Primal Ape after a recommendation that this is the work out that he will stick up to for a long time. Now, two years in at Primal Ape, he realized major changes in his health, compared to innumerable efforts he had done before CrossFit.

"Doing CrossFit, I had major reductions in my medications for various ailments like my hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes." Ian is never privy of the health issues he face. With the community witnessing all the effort he puts in and out of the box, he is the success story that everyone in the community looks up to.

When asked what are the sacrifices he made, he sees that doing what is good for the body is not a sacrifice but what should have been done in the very first place, especially in his  health condition. "It's not a sacrifice per se, but I don't eat junk food anymore, like what I used to. I would really want to tell my previous self to get off his fat a** for this efforts should have been done years ago."

As an educator to young artists in a university, he is definitely a person to look after to for advices. "Physical limits aside, most hindrances in achieving fitness and health are more mental rather physical. You can do so much more than what you think - this is what I stand by up to this date."

From not being able to run for 100 meters, to a new self that hand stand walks, pull ups and having the record of heaviest deadlift at Primal Ape CrossFit, Ian is definitely testament of success of pursuing fitness in tackling challenges in health.


Words by: Jek Llanos

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