Many people desire of good health, yet many as well, are not aware of the proper diet and discipline they need. One of the things that one has to be disciplined about is his or her food cravings, particularly that of sweets. The following are some tips on how to get rid of your sugar cravings:

1. Sleep eight hours every night. – When you don’t sleep enough, your body craves sugar to get the energy it needs to keep going.

2. Boost your immune system. – Sugary foods weakens your immunity system. Counter this by eating zinc and protein-rich foods, like beef and oysters. 

3. Eat healthy foods - Whole foods, like vegetables, grains and meat have all the necessary nutrients and less sugar. 

4. Check if your thyroid is healthy. - Thyroid gland releases the hormones necessary to extract energy from the food you eat. If isn’t working properly, you’ll experience sugar cravings. Visit the nearest physician for checkup. 

5. Exercise! - Walk, run, swim, bike, workout or try CrossFit! Whatever is best suited for you, keep your body moving.


Words by: Jek Llanos