Whether you're working on your first pull up or fine tuning your movement, we want you on our Pull Up Challenge this October!


This month we pull up our sleeves and focus on this gymnastic movement to get you #WODready everytime we tackle pull ups in the workout. Whether you're fresh from Primal Instincts with zero pull up experience, or had been winging kipping or butterfly pull ups, take the challenge and be most efficient in this movement!



1. Sign up at the front desk and do/attempt five pull ups every time you are at the box. 

2. Make sure to take a video of your attempts and upload it as an IG post or story, then tag Coach @treverlove to get it counted. Don't forget to use the hashtag #pullupchallenge2017 on your entry! 

3. The more you log your attempts on the sign up sheet and work on your pull up, the more chances of winning the challenge! A prize awaits to the most consistent and with amazing improvements in their pull ups.

Every attempt counts and we'd love to see you putting up the work on this movement. There's no better time to work on your pull up than right now, this October, with Primal Ape's #pullupchallenge2017 !