Push up is more of gain than of pain. That's why this January 2017, Primal Ape CrossFit would like to see more people doing push ups! 

Join PACF's  100 Push Up Challenge! First person to post 100 UB push ups wins a prize. 
The only way to play is to post on social media tagging adn following:

✔ Facebook page Primal Ape CrossFit
✔ IG @weareprimalcf
✔ IG @treverlove
✔ and using the hashtag #primalpush100

Points of Performance
- Full range of motion
- chest touches the floor
- elbows fully extended.

All entries will be judged by Coach Trever Love. First person who posts 100 or the closest to 100 by the end of January wins. Challenge runs from January 1 to 31!