Photo by: WOD Chaser

Photo by: WOD Chaser

Place yourself in a plank position with elbows extended at shoulder level; lower yourself down with chest touching the floor; then push yourself up again back to the plank position with elbows extended. How can something as basic as the Push Up be so much beneficial to the overall fitness and health of our body?

Push up is a staple movement in almost any fitness disciplines, whether be it in bootcamp, HIIT or circuit type of trainings. It is also made better with several variations for different levels of difficulty. Many synonymously link Push Ups as punishments, but with these  top 5 benefits of Push Ups, you'd realize it's more of a gain than of pain.


1. No machine, No problem. All you need is space to plank and you're ready to go. Push up requires no machine, no equipment and can easily be executed anywhere, anytime, with maximum gains - while saving you money and time.


2. Kills two birds with one stone. Not just two birds but many of them. Push up is an ultimate strength building total body workout, benefitting the Upper body - elbow extensors, shoulders, chest; the Core that makes it tight and toned; and stabilizes the muscle balance in the abdominals and in the spine.


3. Increases the Metabolic rate. With the push up targeting multiple muscle groups in the body, it increases overall metabolism since it requires a lot of effort in the body to keep up with the demand of the movement. It is also a great way to boost energy within the day in office whenever we feel sluggish and weak. It burns a lot of calories in one going, that's why it's the best fat buster workout!


4. Lean and Strong Muscle. Push Up trains the muscle to lift our own body weight as the resistance. That's why, as many studies had proven that Metabolic conditioning along with Strength training is the best way to lose weight appropriately, the product of push up is lean muscle mass with less body fat.


5. Push Up is the new way to sexy. Women benefits more in doing a push up as it greatly tones the butt, builds strength and firms the chest area. You'd no longer worry of jiggly arms since Push Ups tones and burns fat in the arms.


This January 2017, we'd like to see more people doing Push Ups. Here is Primal Ape CrossFit's 100 Push Up Challenge! Take a Video of yourself doing 100 Push Ups and you're ready to go!

The only way to play is to post on social media tagging
and using the hashtag #primalpush100

All entries will be judged by Coach Trever Love. First person who posts 100 or the closest to 100 by the end of January wins. Challenge runs from January 1 to 31! 


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