The new year ushers in a new batch of resolutions that, most of us know, have a very good chance of staying that way. But what if there's something very important at stake, like your health? Will it motivate you to stay true to your promise?

Here are 5 bad habits that you need to include in your resolutions this year:

1. Drinking flavored coffee – That first cup of coffee in the morning gives you blood sugar spike and makes you crave even more sugar later which sets you up for poor food choices the rest of the day. How to fix it: Request your coffee to be unsweetened, then add real sugar yourself. “It’s like having salad dressing on the side. It’ll give you awareness of how much sugar you were really having,” says Brooke Alpert, RD, author of The Sugar Detox.

2. Staying up late to watch TV – As busy adults, we crave for some me-time in front of our TVs and the only time we usually have it is during bedtime. How to fix it: Start winding down an hour before bed and set a limit on how much you watch. If your TV is in your bedroom, get it outta there!

3.  Stress eating – The easiest way to comfort and distract yourself is eating high carb, high fat food, says Minh-Hai Alex, RD, a mindful-eating expert in Seattle. How to fix it: When you are stressed and junk foods are calling you, ask yourself if you are physically hungry and identify what you really need: A walk break? A breath of fresh air? A call from a friend?

4.  Not drinking enough water – Getting enough water is a buffer against bad moods and can improve the health of your skin and your digestive system but some people tend to still forget. How to fix it: Get a visual cue, bring a water bottle and refill it 2x-3x a day. “Once you start drinking water more regularly, you’ll be more in touch with your thirst, and it’ll be easier to remember to drink,” says Alpert.

5. Not pushing yourself during workout – When you don’t feel sure of your moves, or you’re too self-conscious working out, it’s hard to go all in. How to fix this: Choose the workout or sport you like the most and always know your “why”. Set a bigger goal to boost motivation and always try something new. “Variety keeps things fresh” says Gregory Chertok, a certified sport psychology consultant.

It is very difficult to stick to any New Year's Resolution but if you have something as important as your health on the line, you have no other choice but to do it.

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Words by: CJ Lampad

Reference: Migala, J. (2017, January 4). How to Break Your 7 Worst Health Habits. Retrieved January 12, 2017, from