Need to liven up the romance? If your partner has been complaining about you not spending enough time with each other, then you may want to try working out together. Not only would this give you the quality time you need, here are five benefits of working out with your partner.

1.      It boosts confidence - Working out releases hormones that lead to a feeling of confidence, and even sexiness. When feeling good about oneself,  it will help to limit comparing yourself to others and any feelings of inadequacy and jealousy, says Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist.

2.      It builds camaraderie – According to relationship expert Rhonda Milrad, when you start working out as a couple, you become each other’s go-to person for outdoor activities. As a result you will be more open in trying other activities like rock climbing, paragliding giving you more time to bond and memories to create.

3.      It strengthens personal connection – Tossing a medicine ball to each other, lifting weights in time together, and running in the same pace help people become more connected with their partner. It is called non verbal matching, says Crystal Bradshaw, licensed professional counselor.

4.      Improves sexual attraction - Our primitive need for safety gets reinforced when we observe our partner demonstrates power, strength, and stamina, with sexy sweat pouring down their back. Feeling that your partner has the strength of a ‘protector’ results in an increase in your sexual attraction and desire towards them, Milrad says.

5.      Creates a solid support system - Working out as a couple provides an opportunity to bond over a common goal which is getting and staying in shape. To that end, couples can serve as a source of support and motivation to each other, says Alpert.

      We all used to think that working out only helps improve the body. Now, there's a whole new dimension to exercise and that's something couples would absolutely enjoy.

Words by CJ Lampad


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