Titas and Titos of Manila can now celebrate because Exercise has been proven to defy the rules of nature in ageing - especially in its effects on our skin.

A study by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor of pediatrics and exercise science at McMaster University in Canada, has suggested that exercise has strong links in developing a skin to the likes of 20 to 40 years old adults, even if an individual is past 65.

It all began with the study on mice in which have been exposed to endurance exercises, focusing on effects of exercise to mitigate effects of aging. It has suggested that there is a decrease in loss of hair, risks to chronic diseases, and increase in longevity of life.

Dr. Tarnopolsky then tested the hypothesis to adult human subjects between 65 years old and above, on regularly exercising individuals versus sedentary ones. He focused on the effects of exercise to the ageing skin, with samples from body areas not frequently exposed to the sun.

Trying not to oversensationalize the results, He said the outcomes of biopsies are remarkable: Previous samples compared to 3 months post study had resulted to thinner and healthier skin. The top skin which contains dead skin cells, became thinner and the inner skin levels became thicker and healthier - comparable to characteristics of the skin of 20-30 years old adults.

Exercise still astonishes science on various benefits one can gain by observing the active and fit lifestyle. And the Tito and Tita in you could actually force yourself to working out, now that exercise could really benefit your skin.

Now, if exercise not just makes you fit, but also gives you a younger looking skin, what more reason could you give for not hitting the gym?



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