You never have to feel intimidated by those guys who lift heavy weights at the gym because, as it turns out, gaining mass and developing strength isn't solely dependent on the weight you lift.

On a new study from the Journal of Applied Physiology, it suggested that the load on resistance trainings doesn't directly correlate to the increase in muscle mass and gains in strength. To add, the new findings advocates exercise to fatigue, regardless of being able to pull out maximum or minimal weight in the training.  

Both the groups who lifted heavier and the lighter weights had no significant difference in increasing their 1 Repetition Maximum (1RM), and muscle mass.

The New Primal Fit is the perfect fix for those looking for lighter barbell workouts. Primal Ape CrossFit jacked up the Bootcamp with the inclusion of barbell movements along with the free weight trainings.

“Strong doesn’t mean extremely heavy weights. At Primal Fit, we can still get the desired effects of strength and conditioning with light loads. The barbell can also hone your coordination and body awareness”, explains Coach Trever Love.

If you're prepping up for CrossFit, the New Primal Fit is the best solution, in training for your PR and building a muscle.  

'Looking for a change to your daily routine or looking to start a new one? Come down to Primal Ape CrossFit for our Intro Class. Learn the fundamentals in Primal Instinct, and you're ready to go.”, says Coach Trever.

Just like with everything else, it's all about persistence. Regardless of the weight you use, your results will depend on how you stick to it. Do it consistently and finally get those guns.

Words by: CJ Lampad


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