Two weeks ago, Badit Cuason competed in the X45 Challenge, Malaysia’s biggest CrossFit competition with athletes participating across Southeast Asia. Primal Ape’s Team won first and third place in the team category.

“My favorite moment was during the 1RM complex. I was nervous because during training, I always miss the heaviest lift. During the event, all I can hear was the voices of my co athletes from Primal Ape cheering on me on the entire 7 minute event. They made me feel confident that I could hit a heavy lift. Guess what? I PRd!” she recalled.

Badit overtook some female athletes in Women’s Scaled category, finishing in 16th place, a huge leap from her 22nd finish during the qualifiers. This is a big accomplishment considering she is a newbie in this competition.

I will forever be appreciative of the mentoring Coach Jude poured out to prepare me for this. Coming in at 22nd during the qualifiers and ending in 16th place happy and free of injury would not be possible if not for his smart programming”, she said.

Days before the competition, Badit started questioning her decision to join X45 and all her life choices: “Why do I have to subject myself to training 5 days a week, getting tired and sore all over every day for a month, depriving myself from alcohol and social activities just for one weekend?” she asked. All the answers, she found in the event.

“Before, all I wanted was to do CrossFit as a stress reliever after work. X45 Challenge made me realize that I am doing CrossFit for a bigger purpose now. I want to be a competitive athlete. A new goal that will drive me to train harder and get stronger” Badit concluded.


Words by: Cj Lampad

Photo by: X45 Challenge - Marksmen

Badi Cuason is trained ground up as a CrossFit athlete at Primal Ape CrossFit. Be a competitive athlete like her by starting with an Intro Class.