After a year of inactivity from sickness and an unanticipated surgery, Aika Tinong's inactivity left her body frail and weak. But it never held her back to return to an active lifestyle and get back into her A-game. Primal Ape CrossFit became her partner for a stronger comeback.                                                                                      

'When I got a permission from my doctor to start doing a fitness activity, without second thought, I went straight to Primal Ape, took the foundations and enrolled thereafter'. Aika, an event specialist from a company in Makati, is now all out on her training at Primal Ape every after her day's work. She began with a personal challenge of committing to a thrice a week workout, and fixing her movements.

Now on her 4th month at Primal Ape, her will and dedication paid off as she now become stronger and fitter on her daily grind in and out of the box. 'It took a lot of will and "attendance" to get to the point where my body was naturally cooperating. I love what it does to my body'.

 Her humility and remarkable improvement in skill and strength is something that impresses the coaches of Primal Ape. She was guided by Coach Trever Love specially in to details she should work on , and she religiously followed the tips given.

 'Commit and be patient. Nobody is competing with you but yourself.' Her story continued to inspire her boxmates on how one can use a life's setback as an opportunity for a stronger comeback.