Primal Ape CrossFit has been a favorite venue for fitness events and CrossFit competitions. Photo shoots, TV commercials or fitness tilts - it comes at no surprise, with its 1200 square foot of space and top notch equipment, the King Kong of crossfit boxes right in the heart of Makati is an ideal setting for different functions.

Just recently, Primal Ape has successfully staged three events that brought together the fittest and strongest warriors in the local CrossFit and fitness community: the Benchmark Battle Series II, CrossFit Total, and the Adidas Women Fit Squad.

Benchmark Battle Series II

CrossFit athletes from different boxes battle it out on the leaderboard as they performed hero WODs Randy & Nancy last June 11, 2016.

CrossFit Total

June 26, Affiliate Alliance, the largest CrossFit community in the country, racked new PRs on their three basic lifts: Back Squat, Strict Press and Deadlift.

Adidas Women Fit Squad

Adidas Philippines partnered with Primal Ape CrossFit to test the Adidas Women Fit Squad in an intense workout that was led by Coach Zoe Pond-McPherson and Coach Joanne Samson. The event was held last June 30.

All these events were participated by some of the most dedicated athletes and coaches known in the industry, hosted by Primal Ape CrossFit.

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Words by: Cj Lampad